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Cosmic Cultivation Concepts

Publication date: 5/27/2020

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If humanity is to colonize cosmic environments,

horticulture technology and technique will need to evolve.

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts: Publications

Acknowledgement of Lack of Data

While there have been many plant growth experiments in space, such as NASA's Veggie PONDS, there is so much to learn about cosmic cultivation. IMHI's Cosmic Cultivation Concepts are theoretical possibilities of astro-horticulture we hope to see further studied for validation. Our collective understanding of our place in the universe is dynamic, subject to change as new knowledge becomes available and so as we at IMHI hope and hypothesize in our present, we also push towards a future of discovery in which we can preach undeniable truth.

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts: Text

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts:
Cosmic Climate Cultivation Calculator (4C)

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts: Publications


    As astrobotany experiments gather data on new crops grown in new locations, we'll be able to compare how cosmic environmental factors affect physiological processes of plant growth and yields. If any cosmic factors alter plant growth and therefor the efficiency of terrestrial cultivation understanding and execution in cosmic settings, We will need to adapt our cultivation to maximize yields in each new cosmic setting; this relationship will be similar to that of a terrestrial farmer's yields and climate.

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Learning by Doing

    As NASA and SpaceX make Low Earth Orbit and the Moon more accessible for astrobotany, and experiments get more advanced, they will further our understanding about how, for example of cosmic factors, low gravity and cosmic radiation affect physiological processes of plant growth and if the rate at which they do is relative to their specific environments. If the rate of affect of any physiological process in plant growth is relative to the intensity of any cosmic factor(s), we should be able to develop a Cosmic Climate Cultivation Calculator (4C) and calculate the required acclimation of terrestrial cultivation understanding and execution of said factor(s) needed to maximize yields of future cosmic cultivation settings.

Foresee with the "4C"

The more data we gather about the ratios between cosmic environmental factors and their affect on physiological processes of plants growth, the more accurate our Cosmic Climate Cultivation  Calculator (4C) will be; ultimately maximizing yields on Earth, Mars, Between, and Beyond.


Cosmic Cultivation Concepts:
Automation of Martian Hemp Industrialization (A.M.H.I.)

Computer Brain Interfaces, Neuralink, and IMHI

    The modern development of computer brain interfaces parallels that of the technologies which will enhance human spaceflight and allow human exploration of the Moon, Mars, between, and beyond. IMHI theorize's a merging of industries if humanity's desires to colonize the Moon and Mars become reality; especially if there is a hyper focus on safety and life preservation. If companies such as Neuralink are as successful with computer brain interfaces as they intend to be, "complete A.I. symbiosis" - Elon Musk, Neuralink founder, we hypothesize not only of crews with heighten neural bandwidth with subsequent heightened scientific and self preservation efficiency, but also crews of robotic A.I. symbiosis catalyst remotely piloted used for exploration, construction, agriculture, etc. in the foundation and expansion of Lunar and Martian civilizations.

Another busy day on Mars by Robert McCal

Astro-Applications of Computer Brain Interfaces

With a 1.3 second communication delay between Earth and the Moon now, it may become practical in the decades to come to interface with a robotic A.I. symbiosis catalyst (an avatar) stationed on the Moon expanding our presence or carrying out a task without ever exposing human life to the inherent risks of space travel, exploration, and experiments. The same concept can be applied to lower the risks of Martian and solar system exploration and colonization efforts.

Piloting to Programming

The implications of complete A.I. symbiosis are far reaching in potential and considered a technological singularity. IMHI theorizes if the practices of avatar interfacing are proven viable, it would be ridiculously profitable in both private and commercial sectors of a variety of industries to do this en masse on Mars, the asteroid belt, moons of the outer planet, etc. IMHI further theorizes processes undergone by robotic avatars remotely piloted will be subject to automation as data by pilots accumulates across and within industries. IMHI hopes to one day see terrestrial cultivation data converted with a Cosmic Climate Cultivation Calculator (4C) and utilized by pilots remotely interfacing with cosmic cultivation avatars until realistically enough data is gathered across and within the astro-horticulture industries that the same robotic A.I. symbiosis catalyst that served as cosmic cultivation avatars can be programmed en masse to do the tasks which once required an individual to be actively piloting. Thus the Automation of Martian Hemp Industrialization. 

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts: Publications

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts:
Controlled Crop Exposure to Cosmic Environmental Factors to Maximize Yields

Cosmic Cultivation Concepts: Publications


As mentioned in "the Cannabis cosmicus Hypothesis", if any cosmic environmental factors affect any physiological processes of plant growth the controlled exposure of these cosmic environmental factors can theoretically maximize yields of cosmic cultivation.

Mars lettuce.jpg

Basis of Utilization

If any cosmic environmental factors seemingly decrease yields, prevention of contamination should be invested in. If any cosmic environmental factors seemingly increase yields, the controlled exposure should be studied and utilized to peak efficiency.

Grow and Grow

as governments and companies continue to work together in space exploration and colonization, data analysis of more advanced astrobotany experiments will hopefully teach us more about the affects of cosmic environmental factors on physiological processes of plant growth and the depth of required acclimation of terrestrial horticulture knowledge and execution for peak efficiency cosmic cultivation.

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