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Earth, Mars, Between, and Beyond

Publication date: 4/20/2020
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An independent Martian civilization will require the highest level of horticulture prowess, cultivation technology, and techniques.

These advances will maximize yields, exploration, and prosperity as humankind becomes a multi-planetary, space-faring civilization on

                                                                            Earth, Mars, between, and beyond

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Conceptual implications of an independent Martian society

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The colonization of Mars will open the door for a gilded age for humankind's civilizations and scientific outposts on Earth, Mars, between, and beyond. The technology, practices, and morality of a self-sustaining Martian society will be the foundation of how exploration, civilization, and interplanetary trade is undergone within our solar system.


The full scope of trial and tribulation ahead of us as we industrialize, colonize, and further our understanding of our solar system and beyond is unfathomable, but our valleys will define our peaks in the future as they always have in the past. As seen by the benefits of NASA and aerospace related technologies, space exploration, much less compared to space industrialization and colonization, leads to societal paradigm shifting technologies improving the quality and quantity of life.

 Industries will evolve, begin, end, and merge if the space age is to progress. A hypothetical cosmic industrial merge sees the combination of Low-G architecture combined with Low-G cultivation (as discussed about in the Cannabis cosmicus Hypothesis) to form a viable acrology industry unique to extraterrestrial, interplanetary, and interstellar space.

Earth, Mars, Between and Beyond: Publications
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