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the Initiative for Manned Venusian Atmospheric Residency Research and Innovation of Hemp Industries (I.M.V.A.R.R.H.I.)

"The path to paradise begins in hell"

- Dante Alighieri

(I.M.V.A.R.R.I.H.I.): Publications
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  •  Mass cultivation and utilization of Cannabis sativa (hemp) to produce paper, plastic, building material, clothing material, medicine, food, etc. sustainably and independently within the cloud cities of Venus's atmosphere for the foundation of a self-sustaining Venusian society, scientific exploration, and innovation of hemp industries for all cosmic colonization efforts. 

  • ​Research, educate, and raise awareness about C. sativa (hemp), the Cannabis cosmicus Hypothesis, and the potential applications of technology and techniques developed for and as of a result of Martian and Venusian hemp industrialization to maximize yields in civilizations on Venus, Earth, Mars, between, and beyond.​

  •  Grow.

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(I.M.V.A.R.R.I.H.I.): Publications

the Initiative for Manned Venusian Atmospheric Residency Research and Innovation of Hemp Industries (I.M.V.A.R.R.H.I.)

(I.M.V.A.R.R.I.H.I.): Publications


In light of the recent Venusian atmospheric biosginature discovery of  phosphine, a chemical only known to be created by life, missions to Venus ranging from sample returns to manned expeditions all seem possible if not a priority within the coming years/decades. IMHI passionately advocates hemp industries can play a role in the cost-effective colonization of our entire solar system and others; if Venus is to transition from a scientific outpost to a strato-sciencespheric society, an investment in not just self sustaining, but self perpetuating industrial practices should be made. Closer to the Sun, to Earth, along with gravitational forces comparable to Earth, and also thought to once have an ocean, Venus has long been thought to be seemingly just as viable if not more so than Mars for exploration colonization; IMIHI firmly believes both have a strategic industrial importance if we are to become a Type 2 civilization. 

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Value and Viability of Versatility on Venus

The answer to why we need cultivate cannabis for cosmic colonization efforts remains the same on Venus as does it on Mars, or any other planet or moon; the key reasons why we need to cultivate hemp industrially above the clouds of Venus is the quality, quantity, viability, and versatility of terrestrial cannabis sativa yields (hemp), and the singularity of potential Cannabis cosmicus has for cosmic cultivation and colonization efforts. Like the Initiative for Martian Hemp Industrialization (I.M.H.I.), the Initiative for Manned Venusian Atmospheric Residency Research and Innovation of Hemp Industries (I.M.V.A.R.R.H.I.) exist to advocate the cultivation and utilization of Cannabis cosmicus (hemp) in space exploration and colonization efforts to red-line industrial horticulture and hemp innovation to maximize yields and prosperity in civilizations on Venus, Earth, Mars, between, and beyond.

Flying High with H.H.E.R.B.

(Hemp Habitat Exploration and Residency Blimps) 

Similarly to as described in "Why we Need to Grow Hemp on Mars", IMVARRIHI hypothesize Industrial hemp innovation, as a result of lunar astrobotany experimentation for Martian colonization, has the potential to play a role in the sustainable industrial production of paper, plastic, clothing, food, medicine, and habitats for Venusian scientific and colonization efforts alike. Inspired by NASA's Venusian exploration mission HAVOC (High Altitude Venus Operational Concept), on top of innovations to come in the industries of hemp based/reinforced advanced composite materials and 3D printing, IMHI hypothesizes Hemp Habitat Exploration and Residency Blimps will be produced by Lunar, Martian, and Venusian colonist for the expansion of cloud cities in the colonization and exploration efforts of their respective planets; ultimately establishing a foundation of technology and techniques for the colonization of the atmospheres and orbits of the outer gas giants, their moons, and planets of other star systems alike. 

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