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Lunar Astrobotany Experimentation for Martian Colonization

Publication date: 5/27/2020

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Questions on the Moon for Answers on Mars

Lunar Astrobotany Experimentation for Martian Colonization: Image


    With NASA's selection of three U.S. companies to develop Human Landing System for their Artemis program, which includes a 2024 manned lunar mission, a sustainable human presence on the moon seems closer than ever. A sustainable human presence on the Moon is likely to yield scientific discoveries within several industries, laying the foundation of knowledge and experience needed for Lunar and Martian colonization.


Existential Singularities 

    Our Moon is poised to be the ideal location to test, prove, and improve the efficiency of technologies and techniques across industries in cosmic environments while in relatively close proximity to Earth and its resources. Most of the existential questions humanity must answer before colonizing Mars can be answered on the Moon.

Lunar Hopes of IMHI

    As stated in "the Cannabis cosmicus hypothesis", IMHI was created to raise awareness about the potential of Cannabis cosmicus yields as a source for sustainable resource production for the colonization of Mars as a foundation for the colonization and exploration of extraterrestrial, interplanetary, and interstellar space. IMHI hopes to see the potential of Cannabis cosmicus and cosmic cultivation concepts realized, and their viability determined, as more advanced astrobotany experiments are conducted in slated lunar missions.

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